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It has never been so easy to make money online.

You don`t have to buy or sell anything. You don`t have to recruit new people. You don`t have to do anything else.

All You have to do is write texts about anything You are interested in and You get paid for that.

Get paid from 5 - 50 $ and even more for each text You create.

-There are special places - websites with huge number of readers. The website owners allow everyone to write posts, reviews etc. and get part of the earnings. You write texts for them they bring you writers. And everybody earns money.

-The money comes from Google Adsense program. They put ads around Your text and bring readers. Every time when reader click on ads that are displayed around Your text You get paid. You get 50% from Google Adsense earnings.

-You can write about everything You want,: music, politic, business, sport, making money online, Your family, cats and dogs etc. Everything You want.
You can write only in English. The texts can be from 10 - 1000 words and more. You can add photos, videos, links etc.

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Start making money writing online

Step # 1

First You will need a Google Adsense account. You will earn money trough it and You will receive money from Your Google Adsense account.

When You sign up, remember to mark that language of the website is English. And give correct information, because otherwise You wont be able to receive it. It will takes from 4 - 7 days for Google to approve Your account, but You can start writing already or read some other posts to see how others do that, while Google approves Your account.

Step # 2

When You have signed up for Adsense account You can continue and sign up for Xomb program and start writing. Xomb is the biggest and best paying website on internet where You get paid for writing and it is free to join for everyone.

It is 100% FREE to join Xomb and start earning money